Online Safety

Our pupils are increasingly using Information Communication Technology (ICT) in schools and in the home. Online-safety (previously e-safety) is concerned with supporting our children and young people to develop safe on-line behaviours both in and out of school. We need to educate our whole school community about the risks and benefits of new technologies so that we are confident and responsible users.

  • We would encourage children to use SafeSearch whilst using the internet.
  • Use the links below to help you and your family with all matters of online safety, such as:
  • Support for parents
  • How to restrict settings on iPads and other devices
  • Dealing with cyber-bullying
  • Checking if games and apps are age-appropriate
  • How to report issues

Useful Links

Safer InternetA website providing support and services to children and young people, adults facing online harms, and professionals working with children.
ThinkUknowInformation and advice for parents to help keep their children safe on the internet.
ChildnetParents and Carers Toolkit – Three resources that offer practical tips and advice on different aspects of keeping your child safe online.
NSPCCKeeping Children Safe Online – advice to help you learn about staying safe online as a family.